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A Garden for Wildlife: Natural Landscaping for a Better Backyard

Ever wondered why some people have lots of birds in their backyard, and others don’t?  What are wildlife looking for when they are feeding or looking for a home?  Did you know that the landscaping in your yard could be habitat for wildlife?  Do you want to learn how to attract wildlife to your backyard?  Or maybe you have problems with wildlife around your home and want to know what to do.

This Earth Day, Monday, April 22, Jean Eno, a volunteer from the Speaking for Wildlife Program, will present “A Garden for Wildlife: Natural Landscaping for a Better Backyard” from 7 PM to 8 PM at the Derry Public Library. 

Eno is the incoming community outreach coordinator and a naturalist for the Great Bay Discovery Center and is the director of a watershed conservation initiative for the New Hampshire Rivers Council.

You can learn how to help wildlife by altering your landscaping and gardening practices. Choosing plants, gardening techniques, wildlife and habitats, use of native plants, and issues such as invasive plants will also be discussed. Presentation includes handouts and other helpful materials.

Questions? Call us at 432-6140 or email Sherry at

The Speaking for Wildlife Project is a volunteer effort of UNH Cooperative Extension.  Support for the program comes from the NH Charitable Foundation, the Davis Environmental Foundation, the NH Fish and Game Department, and the NH Natural Heritage Bureau.


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