Visit with Jaxie!

A Visit with Jaxie the Therapy Dog: for Children of all Ages

May 22 at 3:30 pm

There has always been a special connection between dogs and humanity. Therapy dogs, in particular, are dogs that are trained to help others. They can make a person feel safe, give comfort, help the handicapped, and bring happiness to someone who is ill or alone. Jaxie’s special talent is making the elderly happy by performing tricks in nursing homes. Please come to this special event and see what she can do!

Jeannie Duval, (703-4116) and her therapy dog, Jaxie are our special guests for this program.
Jeannie will talk to the children about the role of therapy dogs and teach them safety around strange dogs.

Jaxie performs tricks to cheer up the elderly in nursing homes. When Jeannie is through speaking, Jaxie will perform for the kids. Children will be allowed to pet the dog at the conclusion of the program.

May 22nd at 3:30 pm with Miss Kathy


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