My Card

Get a Card

How do I get a library card?
Library cards are free to Derry residents. To get a card, please bring a valid photo ID with proof of residence in Derry.

How do I get a library card for my child?
Parents can get a library card for their child(ren) from birth up to age 11 at their discretion. Children age 12 and over can get a library card with a school ID and proof of residence in Derry.

If I don’t live in Derry, can I still get a library card?
If you live outside of Derry you may have a library card for $50/year effective January 13, 2009. If you present a valid library card from any GMILCS library, you may check out materials from the Derry Public Library. *Please note that you must have a valid library card from your library with you to check out materials.

What if I lose my library card?
Your first replacement card costs $2.00. Any additional replacement cards cost $5.00.

Do I need to renew my library card?
Yes: All borrowers need to renew their library cards annually on the anniversary of their registration by showing a valid photo ID with proof of residence in Derry.

About My Card

You MUST present your library card in order to check items out.

How many items may I take out?
Up to 15 items per card

  • 3 books on a topic
  • 3 magazines of the same title
  • 6 DVDs at a time
  • 1 videogame at a time
  • 1 Hot item at a time

How long may I have these items?

  • 1 week for videos, DVDs, videogames, and Hot items
  • 2 weeks for new adult/teen books
  • 3 weeks for everything else (adult/teen books, children’s books, audiobooks,  CDs, and magazines)

How do I renew materials?
Materials not on reserve or overdue may be renewed in person, by phone, or online for one additional loan period. To renew or reserve online, please see the circulation desk for a PIN number. If you wish, we will notify you by email when your library items are almost due.

How do I renew materials online?

  • Click on the Catalog link from our website
  • Click on the My Account tab
  • Enter in your library barcode number and PIN
  • Click on Items Out to see the list of materials
  • Check appropriate box(es) and click renew

How much are the fines per item?

  • Adult books and magazines are $0.20/day
  • Childrens books and magazines are $0.20/day
  • CDs and audiobooks are $0.25/day
  • Videos, DVDs, videogames and Hot items are $1.00/day


Place requests online for items with a status of “checked in” and we will put them aside for you.
Library staff will pull up to 3 requested items from the shelf and hold them at the Circulation Desk for you for up to 5 business days. Please note that it will take a minimum of 24 hours after you request a “checked in” item for the item to be available to you.
We will contact you by phone or email when your requested items are ready.
All items you request must be picked up at the library at which they were requested.

Due to limited staffing and storage space, please limit your requests to 3 items at a time.

Request books yourself from other GMILCS libraries!
You can search for books at 11 other libraries in the GMILCS consortium and request them yourself.

  • Search in the online catalog for the book you want
  • Click on “Place Request”
  • Enter your library barcode and PIN
  • Click on “Submit Request”

We’ll notify you when your book is ready to be picked up.
For the most part, this service is limited to books. If, when you click “Submit Request”, a message displays saying “Requests are not permitted for this title”, stop by or call us at the Reference Desk. We will be happy to make the request for you.

Due to limited staffing and storage space, please limit your requests to 3 items at a time.