Free WiFi

We now have wireless printing available in-house. **Disclaimer** This service may have problems working with your device. Mac users and Windows 8 users may not be able to print wirelessly. The security on your device may not be compatible with this service.

In the event that you are unable to print wirelessly, please see the Information Desk for further options.

*Windows 7 users! Before you begin, you may need to change User Account Controls. Go to Start, Type in “UAC”.  At the pop-up screen, move the slider bar down to “Never Notify”. Reboot your computer.

Instructions for wireless printing:

  1. Visit and download the print client to your laptop from our library WiFi. (Click “Run”, override any security prompts)
  2. After you run the program, you will see a box pop-up which says “EnvisionWare LPT:One”. This means that you are now connected to the program which will allow you to print wirelessly.
  3. When you are ready to print, simply click your print button, then select the “Black & White Printer on” and hit the “Print” button.
  4. You will be asked to provide a log-in name. Any name will do. You will then be told how much your job will cost. Once you agree, your job will be sent to the Print Release Station located near the Information Desk. You can log in there with the same login name you used to create your print job. Then simply pay and print!

You can stop the EnvisionWare LPT:One print client at any time. Or you can leave it running and send multiple jobs to the printer during your stay here at the library. Be assured that the software does not remain on your computer – when you are done printing, the software is removed.


On the Adult Level

Stand-Up Email

We have a 15-minute Internet terminal for quick checks of
email or brief internet searches. Non Derry Public Library card-holders can
stop at the Front Desk for a guest pass for internet access that will time-out
after 15 minutes. No more waiting in line just to check
your email!

Internet Access

Ten computers are dedicated internet access computers. Internet users
must agree to our internet policy. Just log on with your Derry Public Library card and PIN (or obtain a guest pass at the Front Desk). You can also reserve a computer for a time later in the day at your convenience. Internet sessions are limited to one hour, and time will be automatically extended if no one is waiting. Click here to view our Internet Policy.

Microsoft Office 2010 and Open Office are available on all computers.

All computer use is provided without cost. However, there is a 10 cent per page cost for b&w printing, $.50 per page for color. Wireless printing is available at the same cost – see directions above.

Electronic Databases

One computer is dedicated to our subscription databases. There are two computers marked as “Special Reserve” for those needing extended time to work on projects, take tests, complete online job applications, e-file their taxes, or fill out the forms for the Affordable Care Act. Just stop by the Information Desk to obtain a pass for one of these special computers.

JAWS and MAGic

On a reference computer available to the public, MAGic 8.0 (screen magnification
software with speech) and JAWS for Windows 4.5 (screen
reading software) are programs for assisting blind
and visually impaired individuals in accessing software
applications and the internet.

In the Children’s Room

Computers are for children under the age of 12. Children 12 and up can access computers on the adult level.

Four computers feature children’s educational software and internet access.

Full Microsoft Office 2010 is available on these computers for children to use.

All computer use is provided without cost. However, there is a 10 cent per page cost for b&w printing, $.50 per page for color. Wireless printing is available at the same cost – see directions above.

High speed Internet connection donated to the library by Comcast Broadband. Thank you, Comcast!