DPL Teen Programs 
December, January, February
Step out of the cold and into a heap of fun new teen programs this winter!
harry p
Harry Potter Fandom Club
Dec. 3rd, and 17th, Jan. 14th and 28th, Feb. 11th
In Meeting Room B – Registration Required – Sign up here!
This winter is a perfect time to immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of Harry Potter. We’ll be making potions kits, house scarves, personalized wands, dragons for our dragon hatchery, and coinage so you can buy and sell in Diagon Alley!
It is very important that you register for this program!

minecraft mania
Minecraft Club
Dec. 1st, 15th, 29th, Jan 5th and 19th, Feb. 2nd and 16th
In Meeting Room B – Registration Required – Sign up here!
Every other Tuesday, join us for Minecraft Madness! Know how to play? Want to learn? Beginner, intermediate and experienced players welcome. Come by yourself or with a friend.

anime club
Anime and Manga Club
Dec. 8th, Jan. 12th, Feb 9th
Meeting Room A
It’s back! Do you love anime and manga? Join us for our awesome new anime and manga club where we will make repurposed anime and manga bookmarks, “animate” our jeans so they look like cartoon, cut out hanging Otaku dragons, and, of course, enjoy Japanese cuisine! Come share your favorite characters and stories.

writers club
Writers Group
Dec. 2nd, 16th, and 30th, Jan. 13th and 27th, Feb. 10th and 24th
In the Teen Space
We’re looking for the next batch of talented teen writers for our teen writers group. One of the oldest and most popular DPL clubs, this writers group is a workshop based group lead by teen librarian and author, Erin E. Moulton (Chasing the Milky Way, Keepers of the Labyrinth/ Penguin). Come and share your stories, talk about writing craft and where and how to submit your work for publication.

makerspace club
Makerspace Club
Dec. 10th, Jan. 7th, and 21st, Feb. 4th and 18th
Meeting Room B
Join us to master the Arduino in our ongoing makerspace club! We’ll be making a digital hour glass, a crystal ball, a Zoetrope and a Knock Lock using the Arduino inventor’s kit. Come learn about circuitry and code in a totally accessible environment.

ancestry club
Ancestry Club
Dec. 19th, Jan. 16th, Feb. 20th
In the teen space
Come track the history of your weird family! Did they come over on the mayflower? Much more recently? How many generations can we dig up? We’ll use the library’s Ancestry database to unearth your family tree and create personalized maps, storyboards and engaging art with a whole lot of cool facts behind it!

cupcake wars
Cupcake Wars
February 25th
Meeting Room A –  Registration Required – Sign up here!
It’s a bake off! Join us for this cooking challenge. The theme will be revealed on the day of the event. In the meantime, get ready to create some beautiful and delicious cupcakes!