We remember Elizabeth


It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of our dearly beloved trustee, Miss Elizabeth Ives. Elizabeth served as trustee of the library for many years, often as Chair of the Board, and gave countless hours of her time to library events, committees, and oversight.

Did you know Elizabeth? Do you have any stories that you could share about her? We would like to compile our memories of this special lady and need your input.

This is Cara Barlow, DPL Library Director.

It is a sad time at Derry Public Library. Our beloved, long-time trustee chair, Elizabeth Ives passed away on Sunday, Nov. 14.

Elizabeth was one of the reasons that I wanted to work at the Derry Public Library. During my interview I was impressed with her intellect, liveliness, dedication to the library and to nurturing the love of reading and learning.

Elizabeth came be to one of my favorite people. She was funny, mischievous in the best way, interested in everything and wonderful company. She also could run a great meeting – an important skill if you’ve ever worked with a board!

If you have a story about Elizabeth, please share it here. We’d love to hear from you!



2 thoughts on “We remember Elizabeth

  1. I loved the way Elizabeth would speak with my son at the Opera house. She always had a twinkle in her eye and used the opportunity to teach him something about the Opera house, it’s history and how important it was to our community. Once when we were painting the front stairs she got him started on it and even though he didn’t do the “best” job and paint was going everywhere she showed him how to stay in the lines without squashing his sense of accomplishment! Elizabeth could understand what the child was thinking, giving her a unique ability to easily communicate in their language.
    I never knew Elizabeth to be unkind or have a harsh word to say about anyone, she was logical in her thinking, straight forward in her speech, she gave her position on an issue and she respected yours. They don’t make them from that kind of cloth anymore. She will be missed.

  2. I served as a Derry Public Library Trustee with Elizabeth from 2003 to 09. She was wonderful to work with. I was immediately impressed with how hard she worked. She did so much for the library and for our town. The two of us were not often of the same opinion on issues but she always listened with kindness and respect. She was a real treasure and will be missed very much.