Meet the new Poet Laureate of Derry!

Derry has its first-ever Poet Laureate! Selected and nominated by the Derry Public Library and endorsed by the Derry Town Council on January 24, 2017, Robert Crawford will serve a term of two years as Derry Poet Laureate.

Please join us at the Derry Public Library on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 6:30 pm for a reception welcoming our new Poet Laureate!  We hope you can make it, so please RSVP HERE.

Robert Crawford has published two books of poetry, The Empty Chair (2011, Richard Wilbur Award), and Too Much Explanation Can Ruin a Man (2005). His sonnets have twice won the Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award. His poems have appeared in many national journals including The Formalist, First Things, Dark Horse, The Raintown Review, The Lyric, Measure, Light and Forbes. He co-founded the Hyla Brook Poets, and is a long-time member of the Powow River Poets of Newburyport, MA. Currently, he is Co-Chairman of the Robert Frost Farm Board of Trustees, Director of the Frost Farm Poetry Conference and Frost Farm Prize. He is a Frost Farm guide during the season. He lives in Chester, NH, with his wife, the poet Midge Goldberg.

A Row of Stones
In those December storms that start as rain
But end as snow, I try to count the flakes
As they begin to fall. But it’s in vain.
I lack the dedication that it takes
To be a census taker of the snow.
I’ll be distracted, as the snow squall breaks
Across the field, by a long gray narrow row
Of stones, a wall within a stand of birch:
A thousand stones at least, pried, grasped below,
Pulled up and piled. In this hard springtime work,
The greatest effort spent to make the wall
Was lifting each the first inch off the earth.
I know when things get high enough they fall;
I’m struck in wonder that they’re raised at all.


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