Japanese Drumming Demonstration!

Interested in learning something new and exciting?
We hope that you will join us for an upcoming demonstration of Japanese Taiko drumming by Hokuto Taiko Dojo!
Taiko drumming is a physically challenging form of music that is perfect for all ages!

Saturday, June 17 at 2:00 pm

What is Taiko?
Taiko literally translate into “drum” in Japanese. The word also refers to the style of playing. The drums themselves come in a variety of sizes and shapes with an equal variety of different types of construction methods that are used to make them. The word taiko can also be used as a suffix for song titles and group names.

Taiko: A Brief Introduction
Throughout the world, many countries have developed unique ways to communicate to each other. Drumming is a universal language that speaks to our primitive instincts to want to express ourselves and share the energy with others.
In Japan, a very different form of drumming developed nearly 2,000 years ago. It is said that Japanese Taiko were created to speak to the gods and to resemble the heartbeat of life.
Today, Taiko drumming is enjoyed around the globe and is a physical and joyous form of music. People are drawn to the booming sound of Taiko for many reasons. There is a primal connection to its sound and the sound we hear in the womb—our mothers heartbeat.

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