Cooperation Agreement with Derry Museum of History

Statement of Cooperation between

Derry Public Library and the Derry Museum of History

Inasmuch as both Derry Public Library and the Derry Museum of History (Heritage Commission) are agencies of the Town of Derry and have the interests of the residents of Derry, current and future, at heart, we hereby formally agree to a plan of mutual cooperation in the development of our collections, dispersal of donated items, and accessibility of resources.

While each agency has its strong points and limitations, we believe that it is to the advantage of the Town that the Library focus on research tools and that the Museum focus on visual display.

Derry Public Library is the primary research facility for public access within the town. The Derry Public Library New Hampshire Room houses the most accessible publicly owned collection of books and documents relating to Derry history and local genealogy. The Library does not have facilities for ongoing display of three dimensional items, and cannot provide narrative tours to explain anything which is less than obvious to the visitor.

The Derry Museum of History is the primary facility for display and maintenance of historical artifacts, mementos, and other objects within the town, with staff providing explanatory tours and discussing historical events with visitors. With limited hours of operation and staff, the Museum is less able to support researchers at times convenient to them.

We plan to work cooperatively so that both agencies are involved in discussions whenever it seems that items at one agency may be better suited for the other, or whenever donations should be transferred to the more appropriate agency, or in any other situation where mutual cooperation would be beneficial as identified by the Town Historian and/or the Director of the Library. In the event that a donation is not needed at either agency, the receiving agency will determine its disposition according to its own policies.



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