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Genealogy Series: Ancestry Deep Dive for Beginners


Are you just beginning your genealogical research? Ancestry.com is a fabulous resource (that is free in our library!). Join us to take a close look at the capabilities of this database, explore a variety of search functions and learn some basic tips and tricks to help you find results.

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Genealogy Series: Repository Etiquette


So you’ve been digging into family history research and you’d like to ask for help at a local archive. What is the best way to do this? What strategies can you employ to make the most of your visit? Are there rules about what to say vs. what not to say? Let’s dig into this tricky subject so that archivists and researchers can have a positive experience!

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Body Horror in Film AKA Your Body and You

It's October, meaning  we're talking horror! This, we look at the genre of body horror and all of the anxiety it produces.
Buckle up, everyone. It's gonna get weird.

This program will be presented via Zoom.

WARNING: This program will contain images and descriptions that may be considered graphic, disturbing, and downright gross. We will warn viewers, but if you're squeamish- be advised.

Medicare- Now What?

This program will be hosted on Zoom.

This program will cover Original Medicare and if it's time for you to enroll. We'll look at the options for enhancing the Original Medicare  and also talk about assistance programs for low income people. Handout will be available and time for questions too! Join us! 


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