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An Intro to Italian Horror

Budgets? Coherent Plots? Professional Actors? Humane treatment of Animals? 


We're talking about Italian Horror, everyone! It's weird, it's gross, and it's the perfect way to kick off the spookiest month of the year. We'll cover the essential films, directors you need to know, and some of the most nororious scenes in cinema!

This program will be presented via Zoom.

Labor on Film

It's Labor Day, so we're going to look at labor through the lens of cinema! From different jobs to organizing to the world's older profession, we're going to examine how different jobs are portrayed on film.

This program will be presented via Zoom.

Genealogy Series: Look At This Life - How Thinking Like a Biographer Can Make You A Better Genealogist

Genealogy can often feel like a race to prove relationships and build pedigree charts, but what happens when we stop, slow down, and explore just one person’s life from start to finish? In this class, we’ll think more like a biographer than a genealogist as we create research plans, dig for context and unearth the life story of a single individual.


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