Nintendo Wii Gaming Program Policy



(Passed 9/20/10)

For programs using the Nintendo Wii gaming system, the Derry Public Library welcomes children, teens and adults to special programs, events, and tournaments offered by library staff.  Gaming programs are offered to provide more opportunities for library use and to broaden our educational and recreational services.

  • The Nintendo Wii system is limited to use for library sponsored programs only.  It will not be signed out or made available for general or unsupervised use.  No outside group may borrow or use the system in the library or elsewhere without specific permission of the director and supervision by library staff.
  • All programs will be offered by library staff on a scheduled basis in accordance with the Derry Public Library Programs Policy.
  • Programs will be aimed at specific age groups and only age-appropriate games owned by the library or borrowed and approved by the library staff may be played.  Patrons are not allowed to bring their own games.
  • Staff running programs will provide an orientation for those wishing to participate.
  • Manufacturer’s rules for safe operation of the equipment must be followed.  Staff will be responsible for insertion and ejection of games from the player.
  • Only as many players as there are controllers (up to 4) will be allowed to play at one time.  Those waiting to play must be respectful of others already using the system.  Only one warning will be issued for inappropriate behavior or language.  Further incidents will result in the expulsion of the player.
  • Damages that are the result of negligent use of the equipment will be charged to the participant or their parent/guardian signed below.
  • Children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian whose signature is required.

All participants must sign this form acknowledging adherence to this policy, compliance to the rules, and affirm that they (or their minor children) are fit to participate in the activities.

Copies of this policy are available in the Gaming Area.

Thank you,

Derry Public Library Staff and Board of Trustees


I ________________________________________ (print first & last name) agree to the above policy and will abide by the rules and responsibilities.  I further affirm that I (or my child/children) am/are fit to participate at the level of physical activity required and hold the Library harmless as a result of my/their participation.


Date: ________________________


Participant’s Signature  ________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature)  ____________________________________________

(if under age 9)