Computer Use Policy



Comprehensive Computer and Internet Use Policy

Revised and Approved April 16, 2012

As part of its mission to provide information for patrons in their pursuit of educational, personal, and recreational interests, Derry Public Library offers use of computers for public access to the Internet, selected software, online catalog, and subscription databases.  Wireless internet access is available without charge throughout the building, in the parking area in front of the library, and in the adjacent park to the limit of its transmission. Patrons may use their own devices equipped with the appropriate wireless access card.

The Derry Public Library, its Trustees and staff do not monitor and have no control over information on the Internet. The Internet contains many types of information and resources, including material unsuitable for minors. Parents and guardians are solely responsible for supervising the information their children view.

Because we value your privacy, all records of use except print jobs are purged when each patron logs off. Print jobs are retained to facilitate printing the same day. The entire system is purged every evening at closing.

Please note: Under certain conditions, including the Patriot Act, Derry Public Library may be required, under court order, to provide patron records of use, library computers and servers. The provisions of the Patriot Act prohibit any staff member or Trustee from telling the patron that the information has been requested or that the material and/or equipment has been confiscated.


  • Library Internet computers may be accessed with either a valid Derry or GMILCS member Public Library card and a registered personal identification number (PIN). Patrons without a library card may request the use of a guest pass.
  • Patrons with outstanding fines of $5.00 or more will be directed to the Circulation Desk before accessing the Internet.
  • PCs on the main floor are restricted for use to patrons 12 years old and above.
  • PCs in the Children’s Room are for use of children under the age of 12 with the exception of one 15 minute adult PC. The 15 minute PC is available for use by a parent/guardian/caregiver who is supervising a child while that child is actively engaged in the Children’s Room. The caregiver, however, is still responsible for continuous supervision of the child.
  • The library reserves the right to set time limits on any PC in the interest of serving all patrons fairly.
  • The library is a public place for all ages, therefore sites displaying sexually explicit images on any computer on library property is strictly prohibited. Access to them may result in the suspension of Internet and/or library privileges by the Board of Trustees.
  • The user is liable for any damages deliberately done to library computers and/or networks and for any violation of library policy or local, state, or federal laws. Such damage shall result in denial of further access, loss of all library privileges, and criminal prosecution by the Board of Trustees.
  • PCs shall not be used for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose, including activities prohibited by local, state, or federal laws.
  • The library’s mailing address shall not be used for material ordered over the Internet.


  • Users should be aware that the library is a public place and the Internet is not a secure venue. Caution should be used in divulging personal information.
  • Users are bound by copyright law and must seek permission from the appropriate authority to make any substantive reproduction of materials. Users should properly cite or acknowledge the source of all information.
  • All patrons using any computer or personal digital device on library property must do so in a way that does not interfere with library operations or violate the rights of other patrons.
  • Patrons are responsible for payment of all pages printed.


  • Staff shall make every effort to meet the service needs of a patron’s access to computers.
  • Staff shall advise patrons on computer use, suggest authoritative web sites, and/or offer print materials for instruction.
  • Library staff cannot perform trouble-shooting or manually assist in making changes on a patron’s personal computer.


  • The library website provides information about library services and programs and provides access to the GMILCS catalog and databases.
  • Links are provided to assist users in locating quality information. The choice of links follows the library’s materials selection guidelines.
  • Derry Public Library accepts no form of sponsorship when choosing links. Inclusion, exclusion, or deletion of links is solely at the discretion of the library.

The library is not responsible for changes of content of linked sites, or for the content of sources accessed through links. A provided link is not to be taken as an endorsement or approval of the linked site, material on that site, or the organization owning the site.


  • Databases and other resources are purchased through the NH State Library, the GMILCS consortium, and by Derry Public Library subscription.
  • Selection is based on perceived value as a research tool and affordability.
  • All are available to patrons physically in the library and most are available to patrons logging in from home using a valid Derry Public Library card and PIN.


  • Downloadables are accessed by cardholders through the library’s catalog and website.
  • Users are responsible for reading relevant online help materials and obtaining appropriate media, Internet connections, and any other necessary software or hardware components for use of this service.


  • It is the intent of the library that a positive atmosphere be maintained when patrons post contents for public view.
  • Contents should be relevant to the specific post to which they are attached.
  • The library reserves the right to delete spam, flaming, offensive language, and personal attacks.


The Derry Public Library, its Trustees and employees shall have no liability for any damages, including and without limitation, direct, indirect, consequential, compensatory, special, punitive, or incidental arising out of or relating to the use of our website or the information and materials provided therein.

Disclaimer for Assistance with Patron Mobile Devices (PMD)

The Derry Public Library (DPL) provides limited assistance to you with your mobile device free of charge as a public service. The purpose of this service is to assist patrons in accessing DPL electronic resources with their mobile devices.

The service may be altered or withdrawn by DPL at any time at its discretion.

By requesting help or assistance from DPL staff, volunteers or interns in operating or troubleshooting your personal e-reader, tablet, laptop or other personal mobile-electronic device, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You are the rightful owner of the mobile device.
  • You understand that it is your responsibility to back up all software, data, and files on the mobile device.
  • You accept and acknowledge that the assistance could involve certain risks to the device, any data stored on the device and personal information stored on the Internet.
  • DPL and its staff, volunteers or interns are neither responsible nor liable for any damage to the device and/or loss, damage, alteration or corruption of any software, data, operating system or files that may result from this assistance.
  • DPL makes no warranty or guarantee of any kind regarding the technology assistance provided.

Approved by the Derry Public Library Board of Trustees on Feb 12, 2015