New Hampshire Room Policy


Approved 11-19-12


The New Hampshire Room of the Derry Public Library is the repository for archival materials pertaining to the history of Derry, Derry residents, and to a lesser extent, New Hampshire and New England.  All materials in the New Hampshire Room collections are non-circulating (reference) materials and cannot be removed from the room except for photocopying.  Only the Director or Assistant Director can approve any other use of these materials.


In order to protect valuable materials of the collection, the following policies apply:

1.  Only Town Council, Library Trustees and Library Staff may use the New Hampshire Room for anything other than historical research.  The New Hampshire Room may not be booked for meetings.  Only the Director and Assistant Director can give permission in advance for any other use of the room.

2.  The room will remain locked except when in use, and admission must be requested from a Reference Librarian.  Patrons must sign the user log.

3.  Photocopying of any New Hampshire Room item requires the approval of the Reference Librarian on duty.  If the material seems too fragile or if handling a very large item may put it at risk, permission may be declined.

4.  Any children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult (18 years of age or older).

5.  Patrons may take only paper and a pencil, PDA’s, laptop computers, and/or digital cameras, into the New Hampshire Room.  (A secure place will be provided by the Library for other belongings.)

6.  A microfilm reader/printer is located in the New Hampshire Room to be used for research.  Users pay at the circulation desk for each print made.

Sign-In for Use of the Derry Public Library New Hampshire Room

I agree to the following requirements for the use of the DPL New Hampshire Room

  •  I will take in nothing except permitted items (paper, pencil, PDA, laptop computer, digital camera).
  • I will leave backpacks, handbags, bulky jackets, etc. in the secure storage place provided by the Library.
  • I will handle archival materials very carefully, realizing that although they may not have monetary value, they have research value and may be difficult or impossible to replace.
  • I will carefully monitor any children who accompany me.
  • I will report any damaged items I notice to the Reference Librarian on duty.
  • If using the microfilm reader/printer I will pay at the circulation desk for each print made.


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Thanks for your help in maintaining the Derry Public Library history collection.

Gifts to the New Hampshire Room of historical photographs, local photo post cards, family history files, house history files, and other materials are welcome. All gifts must meet the criteria of the Library’s collection policies, and may be returned to the donor if deemed inappropriate to the needs of the collection.