Programs Policy



(Passed 9/20/10)

The Derry Public Library is committed to the principles of both the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement as set forth by the American Library Association.  These principles are essential to the preservation of our democracy and the development of a balanced perspective.

Consistent with our Mission Statement, the library seeks to provide programming that supports the diverse interests and concerns of its citizens of all ages, and promote the creative use of their leisure time.  The Director is responsible for assigning specific staff to specific responsibilities in the selection and promotion of programs.

Library staff will select programs based on such factors as perceived interest as evidenced by circulation statistics, needs of the community, and enhancing lifelong learning.  As much as possible, they will be connected to our collection, including databases.  The selection of programs should exhibit a balance of viewpoints but no attempt will be made to be comprehensive in coverage.  Programs which are excessively priced, primarily politically partisan in content, or commercial in nature will generally not be presented by the library.

The Derry Public Library does not endorse particular beliefs or viewpoints, nor does presentation of a program express or imply an endorsement of the viewpoint expressed by the presenter or presentation.

Derry Public Library patrons or community organizations seeking to sponsor a program using the Meeting Room should see the DPL Meeting Room Policy for requirements, rules and restrictions.

Final responsibility of what any individual reads, listens to, or views must lie with the individual.  With regard to children attending programs, the library may suggest certain age guidelines depending on the nature of the program, however, the Derry Public Library does not stand in loco parentis in its selection of programs or in restricting access.  Responsibility for minors attending programs rests with parents and guardians.

The Director and Board of Trustees welcome the concerned comments of any patron regarding the services, materials, or program content offered by the library.  All challenges are addressed in accordance with the processes set forth in the “Request for Reconsideration of Materials/Programs Policy.