Social Media Policy



Approved October 17, 2016


The Derry Public Library (DPL) has established social media sites primarily to:

  1. Inform patrons about library programs, events and services.
  2. Encourage dialogue and an exchange of information between staff and patrons.
  3. Provide a method for community feedback.
  4. Foster the exchange of ideas among colleagues within the professional library community.
  5. Provide better overall service to our patrons.

Libraries should serve their communities and help to create new communities. Social media offers a way for us to extend our services into the digital world.

The Library makes use of these tools to reach out to the Derry community and the greater library community. Social media gives staff and public a convenient way to interact and share information, ideas and opinions on a range of topics related to the Library’s mission, collections and services.

Rights and Responsibilities of the Library:

The Library’s social media sites serve as limited public forums. The Library sets rules for use of its online venues and social media sites, just as it does for the use of its other resources and communications. Comments/posts will be moderated by library staff for content and relevancy. The Library reserves the right to deny or remove any comments, tags, and/or images that violate the law, the rights of any third party, or library policies.

Policy Details:

  1. All DPL social media platforms created by employees or volunteers will be subject to approval by the Library Director and/or the Communications Coordinator.
  1. All library social media sites shall be kept up to date with content relevant to DPL’s mission and the interests of its patrons.
  1. All social medial accounts shall be identified as belonging to DPL.
  1. The Communications Coordinator shall make himself/herself available to assist with configuration or maintenance of social media accounts as needed.
  1. The Library is committed to the principles of freedom of speech and intellectual freedom, which should be kept in mind when deciding if a comment or posting needs to be deleted.
    • If it would be inappropriate in the Library, it is also inappropriate on our social media accounts and is subject to removal.
    • Every situation is unique; library staff should use their best judgment in the moderation of postings submitted by the public.
    • Staff members, when responding to comments or posting on behalf of the Library, are speaking for the Library, not themselves.
  1. In addition, the DPL reserves the right to edit or modify postings or comments for space reasons while retaining the intent of the original post. The Library also reserves the right to reproduce comments, posts, and messages.
  1. Participation in DPL’s social networking services implies agreement with all Library policies, including its DPL Comprehensive Computer Use and Internet Policy and the Terms of Service of each individual third-party service.
  1. The role and utility of social networking sites will be evaluated periodically by Library staff and may be terminated or changed at any time without notice to participants.
  1. DISCLAIMER: The Derry Public Library, its trustees, and employees shall have no liability for any damages, including and without limitation, direct, indirect, consequential, compensatory, special, punitive, or incidental damages arising out of or relating to the use of these social networking sites.