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Genealogy Series: Oral History

Whether true or fictitious, the stories that our families tell through the ages have meaning. They are stories that one person thought was important or interesting enough to share with another. And yet, in the hustle and bustle of our busy world, sometimes, those stories are not recorded and can sadly be lost to time. Now is the time to record life stories for future generations. Join us as we discuss oral history projects, interview questions and examine a variety of technology options.

Genealogy Series: The Remarkable Life of William Hobdy

In a predominantly white town with Scots Irish history, you might not notice Black history at first glance. Nevertheless, it's there and genealogical research skills can be used to unearth it. William Hobdy was born in Virginia around 1862 and moved with his parent's, Lewis and Margaret, to Lawrence, MA. He married Maud Hogan and worked in Boston as a postal clerk for a short period of time before moving to Derry, NH. He brought the first ever ragtime ball to Derry, hosted ice cream gardens at his house, played music at local gatherings and arranged cake walk events in Lawrence and Derry.

IFC Film Group

Please join us for an online discussion of Independent, Foreign, and Classic films. We will watch the film at home and gather to discuss it!

Registration is required so that you can join us virtually via Zoom. 


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