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The Forest Hill Cemetery Project


The Forest Hill Cemetery Project (1700-2016)  

The Forest Hill Cemetery Project is an index which compiles abstracted information from many sources, including but not limited to, historic books, cemetery records, obituaries and vital records. The intention is to help you locate your ancestor in the cemetery and also give you valuable leads to further your research.


1) This index is organized by death date, so try to narrow in on when your ancestor passed away to select the correct range.

2) Start by typing your ancestor’s last name in the search to narrow the spreadsheet by keyword. (The spreadsheet does not recognize apostrophes, so search OBrian rather than O'Brian and OConnell rather than O'Connell etc.)

3) Sort further by hitting the arrows at the top of any column.

4) Scroll Right! This spreadsheet holds a lot of information. Scroll right to locate notes and gravestone inscriptions.

5) Utilize the final column in conjunction with the legend to identify which sources were used to populate the entry

6) Follow up with the library and town for primary source records.

7) To locate a plot, use the information on the spreadsheet in conjunction with the Forest Hill Cemetery Map found here: https://derrypl.org/sites/derrypl.org/files/images/ForestHillCemetery_Map.png

















Special Thanks:

The Forest Hill Cemetery Project is ongoing and is made possible by the support and hard work of staff members and volunteers of the Derry Public Library. Special thanks to Sherry Bailey, Abigail Plante and Brenda Lockwood. In Memory of Dorothy Goldman.