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Meeting Room B

Placemats and cards for Meals on Wheels!

Let's brighten someones day and make placemats and cards for the Meals on Wheels program in Derry! 

Meals on Wheels is a very important program in Derry.  We'll talk abut the program and then make cards and placemats for the clients. 

In the past, clients have treasured these and kept them for weeks.   Can you put a smile on someone's face?

Registration required.  Registration opens July 6th.

Let's Support Our Animals!

Come by the Derry Public Library and help support the Greater Derry Humane Society! 

We will be making "Thank You For Adopting Me" cards and will have a visit from the GDHS along with a little friend! 

She will talk to us about rescuing and adopting animals and how the GDHS works!


Registration required!   Registration opens June 27th! 

Summer One Shots--Starfinder

Interested in trying out tabletop RPGs? Join Ms. Octavia for a new game and story every two weeks this summer. Space is very limited, so please register early!

Stardate: 323 AG. The crew of the of the starship Odyssey have been dispatched to the planet Ulmarid trailing a distress beacon coming from the Unbounded Wayfarer, a research ship recently reported missing. Will the crew of the Odyssey reach the distress beacon in time? And more importantly, will they discover the source of the distress?

Tween/Teen event for ages 11 to 18

Parent/Child Workshop

The Parent/Child Workshop is a five-week program for children ages 1-3 and their parents/caregivers.  This fun, informal, play-based program provides a rich environment of toys, books and art activities. Families have the opportunity to spend time together, make new friends, and talk one-on-one with a different community resource professional each week. 


We are halfway to Halloween, so let's celebrate with stories, dancing, crafts, and a trick or treat snack!  Feel free to dress up if you'd like! 

We will also be accepting Halloween Costume donations for the Good Witch of Derry--so please bring in any costumes you no longer need.

All ages with caregiver. 

Registration recommended and will open on April 6th.

4H Badge Program

Kids topic this month is "Dinosaurs." Each family brings a project/activity that meets one of the badge requirments. Kids are broken into small groups and moves from station to staion while each activity is checked off to earn their badge for the month.

Meditation for Anxiety

Meditation has been proven to help reduce anxiety and stress levels. The Meditation for Anxiety event is a unique opportunity for those who would like to use meditation as a way to manage their anxiety and create a sense of inner peace. This event will provide attendees with the tools they need to begin their journey towards relaxation and mindfulness. Attendees will learn different techniques that can be used in everyday life, such as deep breathing, visualization, and guided meditations.


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