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Meeting Room B

IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK – Celebrating 100 Years of the Red Arrow, America’s Most Beloved Diner

Local Historian Mike Morin comes to Derry to talk about NH's most famous diner, The Red Arrow Diner!


Mike Morin, NH radio personality and author, visits The Derry Public Library to present his book on local history, If These Walls Could Talk: Celebrating 100 Years of the Red Arrow, America's Most Beloved Diner!

Owl & Raptor Neighbors!

All ages welcome to this amazing nature program, featuring real animals!

Meet the TAILWINDS team of educational birds and learn about your diurnal and nocturnal raptor neighbors. You will recognize these birds and have an opportunity to learn about adaptations that give them superpowers! Learn about their habitat and behavior in the wild to allow us to co-exist with these impressive neighbors.

Long-Lost Elephants of New England


Discover the long-lost lives of New England’s forgotten elephants with Harris Center naturalist and woolly mammoth lover Susie Spikol! Learn how to tell a mammoth from a mastodon, who these ancient relatives of modern-day elephants were, and what happened to them. Find out if we might really see the return of this animal from extinction and what is motivating this Jurassic Park kind of science!



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