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Drag on Film: A Cinematic History

Drag. Cross-dressing. Gender bending. Whatever you want to call it, it's almost as old as performance itself. And it's been on screen practically since cinema's birth! Early silent works, Victor and Victoria, Some Like it Hot, Cabaret, Tootsie, To Wong Foo, and even Madea- we'll look at how this art form has been portrayed on the silver screen.

Genealogy Series: Getting Started with Genetic Genealogy

Are you interested in getting your DNA tested but don’t know where to get started? Have you had your DNA tested and are not sure what to make of all the information? Do you have a family mystery that you think might be solved by testing your DNA? Are you thinking testing your DNA is suspect altogether? Let’s take some time to demystify this new and exciting branch of genealogy with an expert!


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