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Burn Boston Burn-The Largest Arson Case in the History of the Country

Zoom Program

  Burn Boston Burn-The Largest Arson Case in the History of the Countryis an astounding true crime case about a conspiracy of 9 men, including 3 Boston cops and a Boston firefighter, who burned Boston and surrounding communities in the early 1980s due to tax-cutting measures that caused layoffs of hundreds of police and firefighters. Over 2 years, these fire buffs turned arsonists, torched 264 buildings, causing millions of dollars in damages and hundreds of injuries.

 The city was ablaze with nightly multiple-alarm fires, sirens wailing through the streets and people too afraid to sleep.


 Told by the ATF Federal Agent who lived this domestic terrorist investigation for three years, Wayne Miller interweaves the activities of the arsonists with those of the investigators, the firefighters, and the citizens of the area. An arsonist’s journal provided the basis for chilling insights into their words, actions and thoughts.

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